Ideological Knight


Cua’temoc is a Knight of the Order of St. Dominic. He’s upstanding and follows his own standard of justice.


Cua’Temoc is a dragonborn knight. Originally from the jungle kingdom of Tenochititlan, he was sold into slavery at a young age. He broke free of his captors and was eventually taken under the wing of a traveling knight errant. The knight trained Cua’Temoc in the ways of The Holy Order of Saint Dominic – an order of knights and paladins that wandered the land enforcing justice.On the day he spoke his vows, he was presented with his armor, sword, and shield as well as a set of masterwork manacles with which to ply his new trade.

Cua’Temoc now wanders the land acting as judge, jury, and executioner whenever and where ever he is needed.

The Order of Saint Dominic was founded three hundred years ago in loving memory of the Genasi Paladin Jett Dominic. Jett wandered the land protecting the weak and defending the tenets of law and order as best he understood them. When he died in a blaze of glory saving a wagon train full of nuns and orphans from a dozen dragons (the details of the fight get muddled), other adventurers came together to honor his memory.

The Dominicans are looked upon as the sole arbiters of justice in many of the more untamed areas of the land, though they often come to blows with local guards and constables over differences in interpretation of the law. Each Dominican knight follows their own interpretation of the law, usually only bowing to superiors in their own order.


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