Chapter 2: The Meat of the Problem

Where Graybairn Happens.

After all of the discoveries at the Earthmantle Estate, the Gang is waylaid by bandits bearing the same amulet as the body in the barred room in the basement. These must be the same group!

After handily dispatching them and their dogs (and chasing off two others), the Gang heads back to Tilian where they meet up with Captain Ironhelm to tell him about what they found. Ironhelm appears completely surprised by the talk of the Dragon eggs and the Graybairn Brothers’ involvements and asks that they look into the matter, killing or (ideally) apprehending the brothers before they can cause any more trouble.

They regroup at the Inn Yet To Be Named and hatch a plan to bait the brothers by driving a wagon along the western highway where they’ve been known to prowl. Randor buys a wagon and donkey, quickly named Eeyore by Valenae and they pack inside the wagon and crates to go Halfing Hunting.

Will the Graybairns fall for the trap? Will the wagon get stuck in the mud? What about Eeyore and his happiness? Tune in next time for more adventure and highway robbery!



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